Persona, Pain-Point, Purpose

Core Strategies. Real Relationships. Predictable Revenue.

About us

At Markarie, we are a professional, passionate, and loyal team. We develop, launch, and support campaigns with 1:1 business coaching. Our team is based across the world where some of us face challenges due to socioeconomic and geopolitical issues. We are motivated to overcome these challenges, by funneling our energies into our clients' success.

A unique perspective

Shawn Goldsmith, Founder, grew Markarie from his life experiences. In the Silicon Valley area, he started in sales at Oracle, was promoted to sales enablement - teaching the global sales team, and later joined BonitaSoft where he oversaw North America marketing.

He complemented these experiences with his studies of ancient military history at Cornell University, where he worked closely with the History Chair while completing his MBA. Shawn learned that strategy dictates tactics. Developing client strategy, just like a battle plan, is the heart of each Markarie campaign.
Our clients love us

Markarie Methodology

  • Strategy dictates tactics
    We draft your battle plan
  • Reporting for duty
    We link you with a laser-focused agent
  • Getting in the trenches
    We get our hands dirty to prepare the battlefield for you
  • High-caliber, data-driven analysis
    We maneuver intellectual firepower and analyze to adapt and adjust accordingly

Plans crafted to meet your needs

LinkedIn Sales Navigator required

Outbound B2B Lead Generation & Qualification
  • I. Persona, Pain-Point, Purpose
    We maneuver to help you define your personas, their pain-point, and your purpose.
  • II. Communicating & Reporting
    We link you to a dedicated agent that will take care of accomplishing your campaign goals and KPIs and connects you with desirable prospects.
  • III. Getting to work
    We work as a team of writers, designers & technical specialists to get your campaign up & running.
  • IV. Analyzing & Optimizing
    We will monitor every step of your funnel, A/B test, adapt & adjust.
Webinar Series
  • I. Preparing a game plan
    We tailor a strategy to prepare for your 30-day webinar process.
  • II. Become the Star of the show
    We provide all the tools, training, edits, and dry runs needed to prepare for the webinar with you.
  • III. Painting in progress
    We prepare the webinar visuals, creative text, and landing pages to market the webinar and boost your online presence.
  • IV. High-Caliber, Data-Driven analysis
  • We filter the webinar analytics so you leave off with a

Add-ons at your Service

We customize your plan to meet your goals
  • Personal Sales Responder
    We take care of responding to prospects on your behalf, using your "tone of voice" and our expertise to book SQM's on your calendar
  • Personal Graphic Designer
    From brand kits, videos, ads, landing pages, business cards, etc. we can create on demand.
  • Mastermind Coaching
    Join a 1:1 training sessions with CEO, Shawn Goldsmith, and Franchise Legend, Doc Cohen.
  • Custom Blog and Social Posts
    Become a thought leader. We will author custom blogs and relevant social posts on your LinkedIn profile.
Meet the Gold
  • Doc Cohen, CFE
    Chairman of the Board
    "Franchise Legend"
  • Shawn Goldsmith, CFE
    Founder, CEO
    "Chief Strategos"
  • Elie Chdid
    Vice President
  • Violette Roumieh
    Partnership Development &
    Sales Enablement Manager
  • Antonio Abiad
    HR Manager
  • Stephanie Aida
    Finance Manager
  • Kevin Karam
    Technical Manager
  • Charbel Eid
    Lead Strategic Manager
  • Samir Bayeh
    Strategic Manager
  • Sandy Boustani
    Strategic Manager
  • Razan Naba
    Content Writer
  • Ghada Esber
    Senior Designer
  • Nabil Yammine
    Senior Account Coordinator
  • Esther Mouawad
    Senior Account Coordinator
  • Pierrette Ayoub
    Senior Account Coordinator
  • Elisa Chahine
    Account Coordinator
  • Michel Rustom
    Account Coordinator
  • Carolina Dahdah
    Account Coordinator
  • Jana Chehab
    Account Coordinator
  • Judy Soufi
    Account Coordinator
  • Sara Al Hassanieh
    Account Coordinator
  • Ali Kabalan
    Account Coordinator
  • Maria Frangieh
    R&D Coordinator
  • Antonio Philippe
    Technical Support
  • Jimmy Mourani
    Operational Technical Support
  • Yorgo Beainy
    Full Stack Developer
  • Kevin Nehme
    UX UI Designer
  • Luna
    Team Ambassador

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